We love this time of year. Autumn bites with dark evenings setting in, and then there’s the expectant air as Halloween and Bonfire’s Night draws near, with Christmas completing the Autumn & Winter festivities. Basically, what’s not to love with lots of back-to-back celebratory times, kicking off with the gorgeously ghoolish Halloween.

We’ve been picking and priming our pumpkins  for Halloween and later this week we’ll be stepping you through a fun DIY. But today, we thought we’d focus on an alternative mood board, inspired by Mexican fiestas and the Day Of The Dead holiday which takes place on the 1st and 2nd November.

Doused in colour and encrusted with embellishment, Day Of The Dead style mixes all the spirit and passion of Latin America for a full-on, eye-poppingly brilliant celebration.

With colours, brighter than the brightest of summer’s day, exchange the warm oranges of a typical British Autumn day and instead welcome in the crazy colour. Whether for a wedding, or birthday party, it’s all about the fun of the fiesta with these images…