The launch of K&P Wedding Well-Being

With Nova Reid
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Nova Reid, Sanshine Photography

With the announcement of Knot & Pop Wedding Well-Beingwe thought best to give you an insight into the life of our partner, Nova Reid, qualified life & well-being coach and renowned award-winning wedding blogger.

The new service focusses on two sessions. One with Knot & Pop to map out tools and considerations to save you stress and problems in the long run. The other session is with Nova who will chat through any challenges you may be experiencing around the emotional aspects of planning your wedding.  For example managing confidence, concerns, or difficult dynamics with friends and/or family.

Here we hand over to Nova to tell you a little more about her background and insights into keeping a calm head through the complexity of wedding planning.

Step us through your career to date?

It’s very eclectic are you ready?

I started my journey as an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner in 2011 and qualified a year later and worked extensively in mental health with charities such as Mind and continued my training throughout.

I founded Nu Bride during my own wedding planning in 2012, primarily to document my planning and it quickly grew to be a platform to encourage the UK industry to be more inclusive with the way it markets, represents and showcases bridal beauty.

Before all of this I worked in the wonderful world of professional theatre.

What is it that led you to focus on life coaching and mindfulness? And now bring that focus to weddings?

Two years after I graduated from theatre school, I knew I wanted to have another skill under my belt to help me during down time, so trained as a therapist alongside performance contracts. The desire to keep learning and to have financial stability took over so I retrained as an NLP practitioner and discovered mindfulness in 2013.

I have always had a desire to help people. My Dad reminded me of this in his father of the bride speech on my husband and I’s wedding in 2012.  Apparently, I was always helping others from as little as four years old (I had no memory of this!)

I adore helping people, from helping clients with low confidence to helping people who are struggling with their wellbeing or simply with motivation; To helping people improve relationships, overcome unhelpful behaviours, to realising their potential. It is a real joy watching people go through an authentic journey to discover their purpose.

It’s one of the reasons I enjoy mentoring at The Women of The World Festival for International Women’s Day each year.  I facilitate empowerment. All of us have the ability to realise our potential. What prevents most of us from living the lives we want is fear. I help unblock that for people.

Many of us feel guilty about taking time out from our working day for respite. Often associating being busy as being successful. So much so, we get distracted from being in the present moment, with thoughts of what’s next to do on the to do list. Mindfulness allows us to be present to gain control of our thoughts and feelings so we are better able to manage them. It’s a brilliant tool to reduce stress and anxiety and is also used more recently in progressive schools with children, wildly in the NHS, even for pain management.

The wedding industry is filled with some very talented and passionate people, always keen to go the extra mile it can also make them vulnerable and susceptible to stress and burnout.

For wedding couples, there are ridiculously high expectations to have a certain type of wedding, whilst navigating unexpected family politics and managing people. That and taking on the task of planning alongside a day job also adds to that pressure and can manifest in many weird and wonderful ways. Not to mention trying to navigate how to take on a new identity and role and learn to live “happily ever after”

So to me, it made sense to bring emotional wellbeing into the wedding industry. We should treat our mental health in the same way we look after our physical health. Without our health we have nothing.

Why do you think wedding planning can be a stressful experience for many?


From peer pressure, right through to societal and family expectations.

Also the fact that planning a wedding is no easy feat; a lot of us think we can juggle it alongside our own lives, family, and work. It’s an undertaking and planning a wedding can bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. Not knowing how to manage that can be stressful, even for the best of us.

 Tell us a little about the different areas where wedding stress can manifest.

What we need to remember is that we are all coming from different backgrounds with different values, social systems, cultures and family dynamics to contend with. A stressful situation for one person may not be an issue for another.

 To generalise, conflict of any kind is a common trigger. ESPECIALLY when dealing with family and people you care about. We generally find it difficult to be honest with one another through fear of hurting the others feelings and instead we sit on something that bothers us and it bubbles.

Dealing with family politics and the psychology of guest lists and money is a close second!

There is a lot of pressure for couples to be ‘people pleasers’ during their planning, usually at the expense of themselves and at some point, something has got to give.

Do you think the industry does enough to help reduce stress for couples?

Not currently, no.

I think the mainstream industry also plays a part (subconsciously) in contributing to the pressure that some couples feel when planning.

From feeling like you need to keep up with the latest trends, to the pressure to lose weight. To feeling like they should look a certain way, or that it should cost a certain amount , right through to the aesthetic of the day itself; to be magazine or blog worthy. Sometimes we get caught up in the pretty and forget the true meaning behind why we are doing this. To dedicate our lives to our soul mate. Sometimes just giving yourself that reminder can be an instant stress reliever. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the wedding pretty, but it’s the icing on the cake and the cherry on top, not the foundation.

Stress will always be a fact of life. Life happens. We can’t avoid it, but, without taking control of how we deal with it, it can manifest, at worse, into mental ill health. So it’s important to try and take a proactive approach to learning to manage it and taking better care of ourselves.

Tell us a simple but effective technique to apply in moments of stress?

Breathe . Count to 10. and go and do some exercise. Immediately.

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it, but by changing your state you instantly change how you feel. Stress is a build up of unwanted hormones, which our body produces when we are under pressure (in auto-response to fight of flight) because it thinks we are under attack (even when we aren’t!). The best way to relieve these unwanted hormones is to get rid of them. Otherwise, it can remain in our body for unhealthy extended periods of time, (especially if you’re constantly under stress) and comes out in various symptoms, such as anxiety, irritability, difficulty with concentrating, sleeping or eating, etc….

Have a play around with Get Some Headspace –  it’s a great little mindfulness and meditation app and reminds you when to take a break in the day and dedicate some time to yourself.

Or try this colour therapy book from Vogue!

What do you do to relax when times are busy?

If I am starting to feel an unhelpful build up of tension I do “something else”. Something that I enjoy. From a short burst of cardio, singing, yoga sun salutations, going for a walk, calling a friend or colleague to ‘let go’ of letting whatever is bothering me off my chest and I always turn to mindfulness.

Time management is key. I always schedule time within my working week for respite, so I can go and enjoy a two-hour yoga class without worrying about the inbox piling up. The emails will always be there!

I also try and incorporate taking spa breaks several times a year. 

What mantra do you live by?

Don’t let your mood dictate your manners is a big one for me AND Be inspired to be better.

Where is your happy place? 

Anywhere where I am with my husband and close to my immediate family and I am at peace. (The Caribbean sun helps too,though. Haha!)

Lighting Inspiration

Inspiration Board

Lights, camera, action. But mostly lights!

Here at Knot & Pop, we’ll openly admit – we’re lighting fangirls.

Lighting is extremely important – I mean, what’s the point in design if you can’t see it for all its perfection. Whilst it tends to be wildly underestimated and usually overlooked when planning for your big day, lighting can truly make or break a room.

Questions to consider – Do you want a clean, modern, inviting aesthetic to your dining experience? Or are you leaning towards a dramatic, baroque, intimate experience?

To help, you can think of lighting in two ways: There is, of course, the obvious aesthetic of a lighting fixture – for example, a pendant. A midcentury pendant sets a certain tone. And then, just as important – and usually overlooked – is the actual type of light that said pendant gives off – colour, brightness, shape, what the light is focused on, etc.

So whether you’re looking to create a cathedral like entrance with uplighters, going for statement and fun with a neon overhead installation or wanting something more enchanting with cascading festoon lights, you’ll find that lighting adds so much to the atmosphere and design scheme of a setting.

Still unsure? Well, we’ve gathered our top lighting ideas that will make your wedding or event venue shine with beauty.

Images from top left: Genoeh  | Daniele Buetti | Botanical Naturalis |  Heathfield & Co | Igor Josifovic | Jason Rhoades | The Cream Event | Volvoreta Bodas | Meet Up | Troika | Claire Thomson 


Wedding Prop Hire

Knot & Pop Style

Ever looked at a Knot & Pop wedding and fallen in love with an item of the décor?

Silly question, right?

Well, we are now offering a wedding decor hire service, including some of the standout pieces that we have accumulated over the years. With products ranging from beautifully decorated candle holders, table numbers; crystal cut class, to rugs, cushions and much much more…

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Knot & Pop Hire It catalogue – it’s on its way!

In the meantime, if you want to enquire about our items available to hire then drop us an email at

Based in London, hire is based on collection and return by the couple but we can equally arrange to deliver to you.

Look forward to hearing from you.

K&P x


Images: Knot&Pop

Wedding Planning Calendar

A Thoroughly Modern Marriage

We’ve had a lot of reminiscing in the Knot & Pop office recently, so we’re travelling back a few weeks for this blog post, and giving you guys a little extra treat from our Thoroughly Modern Marriage event, with Ace Hotel.

Earlier this summer, we curated a wedding showcase to highlight all the event spaces of Ace Hotel. We got our favourite Calligrapher Lamplighter London on board who designed a beautiful wedding planning calendar that became part of the “A Thoroughly Modern Marriage” magazine. Each of the guests took home a copy of the magazine, calendar included.

But… We obviously don’t want anyone to miss out. So, our gift to you is the planning calendar with a few top line pointers of what to think of when. (Yayyyy!) We hear you….

Enjoy x

Wedding planning calendar

Wedding planning calendar for Ace Hotel by Lamplighter London and Knot & Pop


Grace Loves Lace

We Do Too

Effortless style, the finest French lace & unique designs, how could you not fall in love with the Grace Loves Lace.

After struggling to look for her own wedding dress, Australian Designer Megan Ziems founded the bridal brand in 2010. Megan was shocked that the wedding industry had become stuck in a ‘uniform’ wedding dress state, and thankfully for the rest of us, she decided to create Grace Loves Lace.

With the finest French lace and an extremely talented design team, Grace Loves Lace produces the most exquisite, effortless and bohemian wedding gowns, all handmade in-house and shipped around the world. They have paved the way for a new generation of brides, who are looking for luxury without structure and restriction.

London we’re in luck. Grace Loves Lace is partnering with Knot & Pop to host a concierge from 23rd August. Book your appointment now to try the gowns and experience one-on-one styling sessions with a member of the Grace Loves Lace team.

So if you’re a free spirited, natural beauty who walks to the beat of her own drum, or you just love lace, don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity.

Ballet Slipper Pink

Colour Crush

Think pink.

But don’t worry, it’s not the saccharine pink you’re thinking of.

Our colour inspiration of the week is Ballet Slipper Pink.

It’s the perfect contemporary take on nude.

Use as your lead colour, or to complement other shades, like grey-green – or teal for a more statement palette.

We love the layering of colours this season. So whether it’s a pink pillow on a couch or a wall of pink peonies, we are in a pirouetting spin-like-frenzy over this soft shade.

Images from top left: Bacadolobo | The Thinking Tank | Modedeville | Who What Wear | Zaful | Knot&Pop | Work Cocorrina | Kelly Wearstler | Fuck Yeah Interior | The Lovely Drawer 

Top 5 Wedding Cakes

Sweet Treats

Britain’s love affair with the wedding cake can be traced back to medieval times. Fortunately for us, tradition no longer means that brides end the evening with a face full of cake. Hats off to the French chef who preferred to eat rather than throw his cakes (we knew there was a reason why we always loved the French).

Break the cake mould and opt for one of these sweet treats…

Colour – Loud, proud and centre-stage. If you’re fun and bold, why not use the cake to mirror your personality?

Naked – It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Delicious filling and no sickly icing, the naked wedding cake adds beautiful simplicity to your wedding day. With statement fruit designs to garden textures, a naked cake is effortlessly stylish.

Simple – Less is more. Maybe cake isn’t the be all and end all of your wedding day, but you like to stick to tradition? A simple wedding cake gives you both – and sometimes the detailing can turn to be even more striking than a bold colourful cake.

Sly health nut – You know what they say, ‘a moment on the lips…’ If sugar is your enemy and your favourite past time is indulging in a huge salad…don’t worry – why not try a healthy raw wedding cake.

Non-cake – Who needs tradition? As a modern couple you stray away from tradition, but everyone still needs a little something sweet on their wedding day right? Look at Nectar and Stone for inspiration who have some great non-cake wedding cakes.



Baroque Wedding Inspiration

Unique Wedding Theme

When we think Baroque our go-tos are opulence, elaborated and grandeur. And for good reason. Encouraged by the Catholic Church, the style began in Rome around 1600 as a means of communicating religious themes in art through painting, architecture, dance, theatre and music. Aristocrats quickly evolved the style to convey a sense of power and affluence. This is when things started to get extravagant – think grand staircases, chandeliers and the most intricate beadwork. This style would go on to spread throughout most of Europe and is of course still found today, which brings us to our Baroque inspired wedding theme which lends itself to those seeking out a statement and luxurious look for their wedding day.

Picture a structured and detailed wedding dress- intricate beading and elaborate pattern, a pillar of inspiration for the décor. Drawing inspiration from the ornate jewels and gems of the time, the bride hints at the period look with chandelier earrings, beautifully gilded cuff bracelets or for the more daring a bold statement-piece filigree necklace or headpiece. The groom reflects a similar elegance with subtle hints of embroidered details and flashes of cufflinks in dark precious stones.

It’s nearly impossible not to think of the grand ceiling art when Baroque is mentioned, which is where we found our colour palette. Deep jewel tones with a focus on gold, pops of blackberry and hints of blush pink for contrast. Gold chandeliers hang over tables and our table scape is layered with chargers, detailed glass and silverware. With stately candles dotted down the length, a lavish dining experience is created – fit for the finest of feasts. Florals generously overflow from large gold goblets, oversized, plump and oozing with grandeur and charm. All-in-all, a luxurious setting for a truly sumptuous celebration.

Love Marriage